Machine Safety Risk Assessment Checklist

Safeguard your manufacturing environment and increase employee safety with a proper machine risk assessment. elobau has outlined questions that should be considered when assessing mechanical hazards and occupational risks. Our risk assessment is intended to serve as a general-purpose overview of precautions to take when safeguarding your workspace. We recommend consulting a risk assessor or safety professional for your specific safety equipment needs. elobau is not liable for any issues that may arise due to a lack of proper hazard identification or risk management.

Machine Risk Assessment Considerations

  • What is the intended use of this machine?
  • Is the mean number of annual operations (Nop) defined?
  • Have the tasks been defined for the equipment and its intended use?
  • Have associated operating hazards been identified when working with the equipment?
  • Have all hazardous motions been identified?
  • Have all power sources been identified (electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, gravitational)?
  • Who is responsible for the safety of the equipment?
  • Have all out devices (OTE) been identified (actuators, motors, valves)?
  • Has process protection been considered when using the equipment?
  • Will multiple workers be using this equipment?
    • Have they been trained?
    • Do they know the hazards involved with operating this equipment?
    • Will additional training be required for risk reduction?
  • When and how is the equipment maintained?
  • Is Lock out / Tag out process defined?
  • Do residual risks exist when power sources are removed?
  • Have maintenance personnel been trained and informed of residual risks?
  • Have additional provisions been taken to limit their exposure to residual hazards (press blocks, mechanical stops, enabling devices, PPE)?
  • Has the manufacturer-supplied safety device been installed?
    • Are they sufficient for required safety in the application?
    • Are they properly functioning?
    • Have they been validated in accordance with relevant safety standards (ISO13849-2)?

Machine Safety Risk Assessment for Tasks and Equipment

  • Is the person doing the risk assessment an expert at operating the equipment?
  • Have Hazard Discover Strategies been implemented?
  • Professional Machine Safeguarding Audits
  • Machine Risk Assessment Process (ANSI B11, ISO 12100)
  • Plant Walkthroughs
  • Does the risk assessor understand all the tasks required of the equipment?
  • Individual Audit
  • Team task-based Audit
  • IS there additional information that can assist with the process of risk assessment?
  • plant layouts
  • power transmission schematics
  • operator manuals
  • modification documents
  • operator tasks
  • maintenance tasks/schedule
  • Who should be available during a risk assessment?
  • Safety Professional (Functional Safety Engineer)
  • Machine operators
  • Maintenance personal
  • Supervisors
  • AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction)
A risk assessment is only as good as the information provided at the time of the assessment. You cannot protect from the unknown.

Machine Risk Assessment for Safety Devices and Functions

  • Are the existing safety devices in compliance with required safety standards (i.e. ISO, ANSI, IEC, OSHA, UL)?
    • What are the required functions for mediating Risk?
  • What is the severity of injury if exposed to the hazard?
    • S1 Slight – i.e. normally reversible Injury (Note: wording matches ISO13849-1)
    • S2 Serious-i.e. normally irreversible injury, death
  • What is the frequency (F) and/or exposure to the hazard?
    • F1- Seldom-to-less-often and/or exposure time is short.
    • F2- frequent-to-continuous and/or exposure time is long
  • What is the possibility (P) of avoiding hazards or limiting the harm?
    • P1- possible under specific conditions
    • P2- scarcely possible
  • Are the existing safety devices and safety functions designed for Performance Level required? (PLr)

Safety Options for Machine Risk Reduction

elobau manufactures an extensive selection of safety technology for industrial machines, including:

Reduce Occupational Risks with Industrial Machine Safety Devices

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