Programmable Safety Controllers

elobau’s user-configured safety system allows machine builders to use the same safety controller with customized functions that is programmed through Windows software. elobau’s eloProg is a modular system that can be expanded up to 128 safety inputs with integrated field bus modules to tie in directly to your PLC.  The modular design is a cost effective solution that allows users to tailor the system to each machine. Software functions including the ability to add customized and/or functions, time delays and many other features.  Contact us today for support setting up your application.

High-Quality Programmable Logic Controller Components

Our line of eloProg programmable safety controllers include a base module along with customizable PLC expansion modules for added functionality and increased connectivity. Our programmable safety controller system can be tailored to your machines and can be programmed for your specifications. Let our user configured safety system do the hard work for you. We have also developed eloProg accessories for additional configuration options.



System Innovation and Value

With almost 50 years of contactless sensor technology expertise, elobau has developed the high-performance, quality-based programmable logic controllers needed for control automation flexibility and system efficiency. Our commitment to developing rugged, technologically advanced automation systems ensures you receive an innovative, top-quality system you can depend on. 

Talk with a Safety Controller Expert Today

Our programmable logic controller system experts can help you determine which safety modules would be best suited for your application requirements. Call us at 1-888-749-2120 to speak with an expert or order your programmable logic controller today.