RFID Sensors for Safety

elobau’s RFID safety sensor eloProtect E are smart proximity sensors designed to adhere to today’s highest safety ratings and standards. elobau’s RFID safety sensors can be wired in series up to 30 and still achieve PL e / SIL3.   There are three different coding types, one is a matched pair so that the actuator only works with an assigned sensor. A second type is teachable with a quick power-up procedure and allows the sensor to retaught if needed.  The final version increases flexibility as it will work with any actuator. 

RFID Sensors Specific to Your Safety Needs and Standards

Narrow your RFID safety sensor results by filtering the safety sensors by cable type, EDM type, sensor type, or actuator type. We also offer RFID actuators designed with flexible and space-saving installation in mind.

RFID Coded Non-Contact Safety Proximity Sensors Products

If you are unsure of what type of RFID coded non-contact safety sensor is best suited for your applications, please contact us. One of our sensor technology experts can help determine which RFID safety sensor will meet your specification requirements.

RFID Proximity Safety Sensor Technology

In addition to our RFID smart proximity sensors unique coding levels, each product is IP6K9K and resistant to aggressive media used as part of the washdown process and contains screw hole covers that prevent contaminants from building up on the sensor.  The RFID proximity sensors also feature increased sensing distance and greater tolerance for misalignment making it easy to install on large doors or panels.
  • 24 VDC Operating Voltage
  • SIL CL3, PLe, CAT 4
  • Series Sensors, up to 30
  • LED Indication, 3 Color
  • Inputs: 2 Safety Inputs
  • Outputs: 2 OSSD Safety Outputs, 1 Diagnostic
  • EDM (External Device Monitoring)
  • Reset Function
  • Long Sensing Range and Greater Tolerance to Misalignment
  • IP6K9K and Resistant to Aggressive Media
  • Teachable, Matched Pair, and Universal
  • -25 – 70 o C

Non-Contact RFID Coded Safety Proximity Sensor Benefits

The eloProtect E non-contact RFID coded safety sensor has 3 tampering levels which can be selected based on the application.  The matched pair model is basically tamper-proof, i.e., it only works with the actuator supplied.  The teachable proximity sensor unit can be trained to work with any actuator, so if a sensor or actuator is damaged, there is no need to replace both units.  The universal model works with all actuators.

In addition, all models can mount on either side and have forgiving mounting requirements.  As long as the actuator is in the sensor field, it will operate.  Up to 30 sensors may be connected in series, thanks to the addition of safety inputs.  These RFID* proximity sensors can also be used as stand-alone devices due to EDM, high switching capacity, and evaluation electronics, no additional safety modules are necessary.  These sensors also feature a 20-year life cycle.
*Radio Frequency Identification

The elobau Machine RFID Safety Sensor Advantage

As a single-source supplier of high-performance non-contact RFID safety sensors, elobau has the industry experience and customer-centric approach that makes us an innovative leader of sensor technology devices.  We look to build long-lasting relationships with our customers, helping them successfully create competitive advantages through exceptionally designed, high-quality RFID safety sensors.

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