Industrial Machine Safety Sensors

Industrial machine safety sensors and switches keep your employees safe and your workplace protected from occupational hazards. Contactless machine safety sensors help control and prevent mechanical hazards in a wide variety of workplace environments. As an innovative leader of contactless sensor technology, elobau manufacturers industrial machine safety sensors in a wide variety of form factors, materials, and in protection classes up to IP69K.  These high-quality magnetic safety sensors are offered with various cable lengths or connectors (8 & 12mm).  Both NO/NO and NO/NC are available.  A wide assortment of operating magnets are available in plastic or stainless steel machine safety sensor options.

Explore Our Industrial Magnetic Safety Sensor Solutions

Our Inventory of High-Performance Industrial Contactless Safety Sensors Includes:

  • RFID Safety Sensors

    RFID switch technology has been around for years, recently finding use in industrial machine safety sensors and machine design. Connected to industrial machine safety relays, RFID sensors provide a high degree of anti-tamper. Our RFID sensor, eloProtect E, can be used as a standalone device. Not only is our design the smallest on market, but it also has the fastest response time.
  • Atex Safety Sensors

    Atex safety sensors are used in industrial applications housed in areas subject to explosion hazards due to dust or gases. Our sophisticated atex safey sensor devices are designed to monitor movable guards in food production mills and pharmaceuticals. Other atex safety switch applications include oil and gas processing plants.
  • Normally Open NO Machine Safety Sensor  Safety Sensors Content Block v2

    Contactless magnetic normally open normally open proximity safety sensors ensure safe operations in industrial food processing applications. Our normally open normally open sensors are dual reed style and offer an operating life of over 2 million cycles. Since our magnetic normally open NO sensor switches are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, they can easily integrate to fit any industrial application.
  • Normally Open NC Machine Safety Sensor

    Contactless magnetic normally open normally closed proximity safety switches behave inversely of normally open NC sensors. Both are ideal for part present detection while the outputs differ to fit your industrial machine. This means, like our other industrial machine safety sensors, they help prevent unauthorized entry in dangerous areas. Our food grade FDA approved machine safety sensors can be found in food production plants.
  • Compact Systems

    Compact safety switches enhance industrial safety engineering and usability. With flexible installation possibilities and a variety or cable and connector options, our compact safety sensor systems can be easily added for additional safety after machine design without disrupting the original design.
If you are unsure which type of industrial magnetic safety sensor or switch fits your application requirements, please call us at 1-866-749-2120 or contact us. Our contactless sensor technology experts can assist you and determine which magnetic safety sensor switch solution is best suited for your requirements.

Contactless Safety Sensor Switch Advantages

Our industrial machine safety sensors are dual reed style with an operating life of over 2 million cycles.  Most sensors and switches are of the coded magnet style, which means they are constructed with anti-manipulation reeds that make it difficult to defeat with a standard magnet.  This helps prevent unauthorized entry into a dangerous area.  Many styles feature connector models which make change out in the case of damage, a very simple proposition.  Food grade (FDA approved) sensors and magnets are also available for the food processing industry.  Hygienic magnets are made with no sharp edges where contamination can hide.  These magnets combined with FDA approved sensors can be subjected to wash-down at 250 psi and 100 o C.

Industrial Machine Safety Sensor Applications

Machine safety sensors and switches can be helpful for a variety of applications that need small, sensor solutions. Examples of application uses for our safety sensors include: