Safety Controllers & Relays

Protect your workplace from potential hazards with machine safety controllers and safety relays. elobau’s extensive selection of safety relays, safety controllers, and input expansions are designed with safety and innovation in mind. Our eloProg programable safety controllers and eloFlex configured safety relays offer you safety functions and customization you need to keep your machine safety systems running at optimal levels.

Machine Control Automation Choices for a Safer Workplace

Our inventory of high-quality control automation devices includes:
  • Programmable Safety Controllers. Modular safety system that can be expanded up to 128 safety inputs that tie directly into your PLC. elobau’s eloProg programmable safety controllers offer you the ability to customize functions and features.
  • Configured Safety Relays. Ideal for low to medium complexity safety applications. Offers configuration options of modular systems. Our eloFlex configured safety relay can be customized for your applications and designed to fit your needs.
  • Safety Controllers. Useful for applications with limited space. Offers up to PLe/SIL3/Cat4 safety rating.
  • Input Expansion. Provides the ability to connect up to 8 sensors to a single relay input. Certain modules feature control outputs.

Machine Safety Controller Applications  Safety Controllers Content Block v2

Examples of applications that benefit from machine safety controllers include:

Industrial Control Automation Innovation

As a global leader in contactless sensor technology, elobau creates innovative industrial control automation products designed for high-performance applications that keep your workspace safe from unwanted accidents and injuries. Understanding the dire effects of climate change, we manufacture our advanced technology components through carbon-neutral processes, ensuring your PLCs and safety relays are ecologically sound.

Industrial Plant Machine Operators Discuss Your Machine Safety Controller and Safety Relay Needs with Us

With more than 40 patented inventions and a dedication to research and development, elobau continues to design and develop high-performance safety relays for all your control automation needs. Request a quote or call us at 1-888-749-2120 and discuss your safety relay application requirements with one of our control automation experts. We can help you select the best machine safety component for your specifications.