Commercial Car Wash Level Solutions
In small machines, such as band saws for shredding fish or meat, the space available for electrical components is usually restricted. The smallest and most compact safety system con­sisting of a safety relay, sensor, and hygienic emergency stop button, offers a solution that is easy to implement structurally.

Hygienic emergency stop button NHT02D

  • High IP6K9K protection class ensures resistance to aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants, and ability to withstand intensive cleaning.
  • Latching detent for anti-rotation protection and to prevent easy removal

Safety sensor M30, 171 series

  • Protection class IP6K9K ideal for wash down applications
  • Available connection types: cable outlet and M12 housing connector
  • Simple diagnosis through optional LED and control contact

Safety control unit, 470 eloFlex

  • Up to 2 safety functions can be implemented in one device
  • Increased functionality using less space in the switch cabinet.
  • The units are tamper-proof as are pre-configured during ordering.
  • Cost-effective and reliable by unique identification of configuration for maintenance, commissioning and service
  • Can be perfectly adapted to your application through various configuration options, offering maximum flexibility
  • Additional sensors can be connected via elobau interfaces for input expansion


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Suction pipe Ultrasonic sensor

Hygienic E-Stop

Safety Sensor


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