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Machine Safety Sensors

As one of the first manufacturers for safety technology in industrial machines, elobau designed the first reed switches into our products in the 1970s. Today elobau continues this tradition with innovative and thoughtfully designed products that meet the highest standards. elobau offers a broad range of product types including safety sensors, safety controllers and emergency stops designed to work in challenging environments like the food zone or ATEX applications.

The machine safety products from elobau ensure the efficient use of machines and complex systems and at the same time protect man, machine and the environment. Magnetically actuated and RFID technology-based safety sensors from elobau enable individual solutions for monitoring movable guards or positions

elobau safety control units reliably perform safety-related functions. They are the perfect solution for safety applications of varying levels of complexity. All signals –from safety sensors, E-stop buttons and safety locking devices can be safely monitored.